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Service Arts Inc.
"Mr. Weiss has been singled out as one of the most service driven contributors to our industry. He continues to raise the bar when it comes to service standards, and consistently finds innovative ways to educate. Whether working with a Four Seasons Hotel, newly hired staff members in private wealth management at Goldman Sachs or a cotillion of servers at West Point Military Academy, his passion and dedication to hospitality is obvious."   Lloyd Wirshba, former Vice President, American Express
SERVICE EXCELLENCE-CITY AND COUNTYWIDE ™ is a unique, highly interactive workshop series that helps the public and private sectors of a given area significantly enhance that area’s reputation, reach and results by raising the level of service it provides.   Restaurants, hotels, resorts and others in the hospitality field have long understood that service excellence is about much more than a positive attitude. That is why so many of the elite in the field turn to Eric Weiss—the nationally known "Service Guru" and president of Service Arts, Inc.—to train their staffs in the specific skills and strategies that are the building blocks of service excellence. In his extensive travels, Weiss has seen that the kinds of experiences people have with businesses or institutions in a given place strongly influences how they feel about not just the individual business or institution but about the place as a whole. Recognizing the need for a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to service awareness and training, Weiss developed the SERVICE EXCELLENCE workshops. In this breakthrough program—first demonstrated in Healdsburg, California in 2012—Weiss brings together a wide range of local stakeholders for a one-of-a- kind learning experience spread over two or three days. Sessions are tailored to the needs of each participating sector: hospitality, retail, professional, governmental and so on. The workshops can help communities distinguish themselves as desirable destinations and leaders in the field of service. Individual businesses can increase customer, guest, visitor or citizen loyalty. At the conclusion of the program, Chambers of Commerce, Downtown Business Associations, individual corporations or other sponsoring groups will have a Certificate of Service Excellence awarded to each participant along with a plaque for the sponsoring organization.
SOME OF THE WORKSHOP'S THEMES INCLUDE: Highlighting the details between "Good" and "Excellent" Service Techniques to remember guests' names and faces Recovering challenging situations Creating a more cohesive team and a united, service-oriented community Becoming a more effective questioner Observation and the role it plays in Excellent Service Always appropriate greetings, verbal and non-verbal cues Learning how to better "Read EACH guest" and respond accordingly The subtle differences between suggesting, recommending and coaching the Guest to buy
The program can be scheduled according to need; 2 or 3 days with each proposed sector and then a wrap-up session with all participants combined. Suggested groups; Hospitality- (hotels and restaurants) Retail (shops, supermarkets, spas, banks, department stores) Independents (government, medical, law and accounting offices, hospitals) Wineries (Tasting room staffs and administrative)
Testimonials "This concept could change the face of Hospitality" Daniel Shanks, Food and Beverage Director, The Executive Residence, The White House, Washington, D.C. "Being in service is a value I have lived most of my life. When I first met Eric and learned of his extraordinary approach to service, we immediately shared a vision of taking Healdsburg to another level of excellence. In my 25 year career in hospitality, this is one of the singular most exciting initiatives I have taken part in." Maureen McElroy, President/CEO of the Healdsburg Chamber of Commerce "Eric Weiss and his Service Excellence Workshops really help us realize what we have to do- train our staffs better to give great service and keep our customers coming back to us." Thomas Keller, Chef, Owner, The French Laundry "A fun, inter-active workshop where I learned specific tools and techniques such as remembering names, techniques for becoming a better questioner, how to assess individuals' wants and needs- but more importantly, being part of a city-wide, unifying, creative exercise. It has brought a great sense of unity." Jen Truesdell, Artisan Sotheby's International Realty, Healdsburg "Halekulani has proudly been awarded the #1 positioning in service rating from Travel and Leisure Magazine this past year. Having our staff go through the Service Excellence Workshops designed by Eric Weiss gives us yet another opportunity to continuously improve upon our existing levels and standards of service. Our team is already looking forward to future workshops. Thank you Eric!" Janis Clapoff, General Manager, The Halekulani, Honolulu,Hawaii
FEES Based on 105-120 participants, (35-40 per sector) fees can range from $375- $595 per participant for the selected program; (2 day session per sector with one day wrap up for all participants or 3 day session per sector with one day wrap up for all participants. It is requested that each organization has a maximum of 2 participants per session in order to diversify the workshop. This fee structure based on the number of participants would cover all costs involved; Mr. Weiss' fee, lodging and travel, venue rental, lunches, materials, etc. For further information contact: Eric Weiss, President, Service Arts, at ericweiss.serviceartsInc@gmail.com  914 466 2927